27 Aug

Essential oils are freely available for sale and apply to everyone, unless they are included in medicinal products. According to this, aromatherapy takes place not only at the naturopath and doctor, but also in medicine, in various wellness centers, such as massage rooms, SPA or thermal baths, and in private homes. Massage oils, cold baths, scented lamps, fragrance patches or diluted fragrance oils are widely used for private use in the hot tub. They are also used in various solar infusions. Aromatherapy in saunas are also commonly found in thermal baths. Various infusions with various essential oils are offered there.

Which fragrance / oil is suitable for what?

For example, lavender oil works well for sleep problems.

  • Balisse, cypress or sandalwood is anxiolytic.
  • Juniper, rosemary or mint refreshes the senses, while rosemary and hazelnut revive circulation.
  • Even after a hangover, after a drunken night, a herb grew: rub 1-2 marjoram temples into the temples.
  • People suffering from headaches are recommended to use peppermint oil, basil, chamomile or cardamom.
  • If you have a cold, myrrh, pine, eucalyptus or tea tree oil will help you breathe again.
  • If you are still freezing in the cold season, you can enjoy a full bath with a little milk, orange and cinnamon bark oil.

Aromatherapy - The smell in the room

The simplest and most popular form of aromatherapy is room scent. All you need is a scented lamp with a candle or a modern scented nebulizer. Three to fifteen tropicdrops are enough to sense housing, work or business. As already described, essential oils or fragrance blends act directly on the limbic system in the brain through the sense of smell and trigger emotional and biochemical processes there.

Scented lamps are useful only for home use, but also in schools, clinics or shops. There you can also provide a pleasant and relaxing customer experience. Fragrances that increase concentration can be used in schools, and in offices they can clean the air of pathogens during flu waves.

The action of essential oils in aromatherapy is subtle and should be done within a few hours. However, you should also take breaks. Continuous room scent can also cause excessive reactions such as headaches or nausea in sensitive people.

Aromatic massages

Preparation of natural body and massage oils that do not contain any synthetic additives is child's play and you only need a few ingredients. In addition to selected essential oils, all you need is a fatty base oil, which is selected depending on the type of skin. At first, it is recommended to pour only 2-3 tablespoons of base oil into an empty glass bowl, add about 5 drops of the desired essence and mix.

Base oils are all fatty oils obtained from oily fruits or seeds by cold pressing as gently as possible. In addition to sunflower oil and olive oil, many other oils are available that are even more suitable for the production of body oils such as apricot kernel oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. In addition, there are also so-called mazerates, i.e. base oils in which plants, mainly flowers, such as St. John's wort oil or calendula oil have been inserted.

First aid

As a first aid in case of accidental ingestion of essential oil, you can take greasy vegetable oil. Dilutes essential oil; therefore, the contact surface on the mucous membranes does not become too massive. Burns of mucous membranes are possible when swallowing phenolic oils. Many incorrect doses occur in the bath tub, because hot or hot water opens the pores and therefore leads to a much stronger contact with oil. In the event of overdose to the skin, it is also diluted with fatty oil. Monoterpenes in citrus essences act very quickly like a thousand sharp needles on the skin, otherwise very harmless and inexpensive oils are often poured into the bath too intensively. In sensitive people, monoterpenes contained in needle oils can have a similar effect. A typical mistake is also bathing in "some" peppermint drops or even crop oil (eg "Japanese medicinal plant oil"). Menthol contained in it can not only very irritate hot skin, but also very quickly leads to excessive freezing, which can not be repaired either with warm water or thick blankets. Here, it is also best to thin or rub in fatty oil. Clary sage in massage mixes or even only in a scented lamp can significantly improve the effects of alcohol, even in small amounts, on sensitive people. I have seen it on many occasions, but it was relatively harmless stupidity and lack of concentration among those interested. However, a friend stumbled very stupidly on his stairs after the evening food ration Rotvino was accompanied by a very musky salbeiladen scented lamp, the next morning he noticed very busy behavior on the road. This should be taken into account when alcohol treatment is also used, e.g. a scented lamp with sage oil from nutmeg, which raises the mood during a cozy breakfast with a glass of wine. Then safe driving can be restricted.

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